7 Days: Day 3 (Everyone is Judging Me) (Except Jen)

7 Days: Day 3 (Everyone Is Judging Me) (Except Jen)

Bethany’s all, “Why are you, like, taking pictures of… yourself? That’s so weird.”

KIDDING. Cause, see, I met Bethany through 7 Days.

Spent the afternoon with Bethany, her mom Debbie, and Jen. And some kids.

~Drank coffee.
~Looked at Google Maps and compared Omaha to San Diego (what? that’s normal)
~Edited photos (mostly they did, but I Instagrammed something)
~Tried to name my proxy owl
~Did an entire musical dance routine to make up for the lack of theme yesterday

One of those is an elaborate lie.

(7 Days is a quarterly self-portrait group project I have taken part in for the last sixish years. One selfie a day for a week.)


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