The House So Far

I wrote some entries last week. I even posted them. But then I had a fit of depression/anxiety/insecurity and removed them. They will probably come back in some form, but I felt all cloudy-brained and I felt like that didn’t make for very good writing. I’m clearer now (in more ways than one) (not physically, though. I don’t mean I’m more invisible than I was last week) so hopefully I can rewrite them in some more coherent manner. In the mean time I have only about 15 minutes before I have to do my next chore and that’s just enough time to throw together an entry of befores and afters. Of the house I mean. Not my process of becoming invisibler.

(By the way, if you click through on the after photos, you can read some of the notes I’ve added to them on Flickr. Or if you want, you can click here to see the whole set.)

Living room!
living room

living room

Entry! And Dinette!
dinette and front door

dinette back there

the kitchen


My bedroom!
that is one damn pink room

my orange bedroom


master bath

two oranges

Elliott’s room!
elliott's room

First night.

elliott's room

Chalkboard doors!  And a weird light ghostie.
(OK I didn’t have great after pictures of his room.)

Margie’s room!
margie's room has the best reading corner


margie's room

And the girly. That green room looks very cute on her.
(OK or of her room.)

Obviously we still have work to do. We need some organizational stuff in order to finish unpacking. I need to get updated photos printed in order to put out new photo albums. I think I’m supposed to, like, hang pictures or art or some shit on the walls, but how can I dare to hammer anything into those beautifully colored walls? Except curtains. I’m rather sick of living without curtains. Very soon, hopefully, I’ll be able to afford some and also to find the confidence to learn how to actually do it.

In the mean time this place is becoming quite cozy and homey. Whenever the Universe allows it, I’m feeling quite happy here.


4 thoughts on “The House So Far”

    1. This makes me feel slightly panicked (and well-loved, too!). Because then there’s picking out fabrics and doing that kind of thinking. When will you be back, anyway?

  1. That’s a lot of painting; I’m impressed! As for art and curtains…I think it’s fine to take your time and get to know the place, decide what you want and where you want it. I’ve been in my condo…12 years now (!?) and I’m still working on the painting bit of things. Maybe don’t take *that* kind of time to finish things, but a little time is fine; takes the pressure off!

    Oh, and welcome home.

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