Five Days in and I Have a Home Depot Guy

You know, cause I’ve been there so much this week.

I must warn you now that blogging for the next few weeks while I have six different full time jobs will probably be on the back burner. I hope to fill in those gaps with amusing home improvement stories. Or at least photos of home improvement projects. Or photos of silliness in the home improvement store. Like this one:

For when I become a robot princess.
Where I practice for when I’m a robot princess.

Or this one:

What do you mean you don't wear your pillowcases to the Home Depot?
Where I brought my son’s pillowcase to Home Depot to match paint samples and then got bored of holding it so I threw it over his head and he just went with it cause he inherited my sense of humor.

Or photos of the process itself like this one:

that is one damn pink room
Where we discuss HOW VERY HOT PINK my bedroom was (it’s now primed). True fact: the previous owner (apparently) chose this color herself and then decorated it with all sorts of Jack Sparrow memorabilia.

So, as you can see, this is a shitty cop-out of a blog post. I’d like to write about where I’ve been mentally all year and how that relates to shitty potato chips, or maybe about that one two-parter episode of Welcome to Night Vale which is like a massive metaphor for life in general, but tomorrow I have to start learning about biological psychology (which, the book’s author assures me is the most interesting subject EVER. FACT.) and also I have to paint a lot of walls so I’m thinking it will be more shitty cop-outs for a little while. Bear with me. I’ll try to make it HILARIOUS.

I love this book already.


6 thoughts on “Five Days in and I Have a Home Depot Guy”

  1. I know you already primed that pink room. But I was just thinking. With that Oak Brass & Glass ceiling fan you could have picked up some black lacquer & brass furniture….maybe an awesome tiger fleece blanket….and just went with it. But it’s still missing something…hmmm…a mirrored tray? Maybe some Thor reference to keep it fun? A giant poster of a Lamborghini with a black panther laying on the hood? Ooh, how about some rope lights around the underside of the bed for a cool effect. And a purple vinyl bean bag. I would come hang out all the time. We could drink Dr. Pepper and eat Doritos because being healthy hadn’t been invented yet.

    1. Haha. It’s pretty cute. And not hard to find time to listen to. Aside from some song lyrics the show’s pretty ok for kids. My kids love it anyway.

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