And the Nerds Descend Upon San Diego, Part the First

We spent the day in downtown doing the Free Things that you didn’t need a Comic Con badge for like the Doctor Who Tumblr Fan Meetup, and the Regular Show Experience at the New Children’s Museum. Well. Those were really the only two things we did. But they took all day because lines. I’m throwing some pictures at you but that’s all for tonight because tired.

(Yes, I did get some excited squeals over my E&P button.)

we got wristbands!

Dalek ballerina! She wins Comic Con.

No SHE wins Comic Con.


nine, rose, and my kids


2 thoughts on “And the Nerds Descend Upon San Diego, Part the First”

  1. Soooo jealous. I’m glad I know people in California who can go and soak up the nerdiness for me. One day I’ll make it out there.

    Also, I’m not even a Whovian (please still love me), but I adore the Dalek-rina and the femme doctor!

    1. It would take a heck of a lot more than that for me to not love you!

      I hope you get to come someday!!

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