Shower Scene

7 Days Final Run: Day 6 (Shower Scene)

I do not have a Thing about showers. I have very carefully never watched Psycho and I am far more afraid of an earthquake (KNOCK WOOD, OKAY, UNIVERSE?) happening while I’m in the shower than of being murdered in there. And yet. Every single day when I go to get out of the shower I see a pair of feet just outside the door. And every single day I nearly pee my pants and scream.

IT’S MY REFLECTION. Every day I scream at MY OWN FEET.

You may also be amazed at my gracefulness when I tell you that I sliced my finger earlier this week doing laundry.

Thank God I’m cute.

PS. No I do not wear literal pants in the shower. Just figurative ones.


One thought on “Shower Scene”

  1. Showers are terrifying. I have to check behind the curtain 300 times. And I wash my face really fast so I don’t have loss of sight for too long. I’m paranoid.

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