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7 Days, Local

An Impromptu Tour of a Local Theatre

(So I uploaded this photo and now I feel like I’m sort of a Who overachiever or something. I guess I just got REALLY into my role what with the extra fancy posture and stuff. THESPIANS FOREVER WOO!)

7 Days Final Run: Day 3 (An Impromptu Tour of the Old Globe)

My friend Elaine works at a local (and very important) theatre. Bethany and I swung by today to visit and take one last 7 Days picture together and Elaine took us all on a tour of the place. There are actually three separate theatres on this location – one outdoors, one in the round, and the main one in the style (at least on the outside) of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. The kids and I have actually been on a tour there a few years ago with a homeschool field trip group. But honestly this was better. Not only because I got to spend time with a friend I don’t see enough, but because she’s a fantastic tour guide and is, maybe, more intimately involved with the theatre than a volunteer docent.

Obviously this theatre is currently set up for the yearly holiday production of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but we did not steal anything. Except the show.


I’m sorry. It’s late and I maybe overdid it today with a lot of walking. My ovary was very angry at me by the time I got home to curl up with my babies and watch the Muppet Christmas Carol (arguably the best version since the actual original).