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Lady Links, This is a Woman

Lady Links 1.17

Is "I'm sorry professor but god wouldn't let me study because sunset" a good excuse? #nofilter
Pretend this amazing sunset is particularly feminist in some way.


~TIAW on Tumblr and Pinterest.
~One of the things that comes up from time to time on SOAM is that women tend to stress about what their bellies look like when they are on all fours. I remember when my second baby was a newborn and I had mastitis and was given the prescription of nursing him on the floor while leaning over him to let gravity help clear out the blocked duct. And I noticed that my boobs looked really weird from that angle. Because here’s the thing: BODIES ARE REALLY WEIRD. They are smelly and gross and do things that are wholly inappropriate. But we cover and hide all of that part of humanity so we are only regularly exposed to one aspect of human beauty. I love this link because it compares bodies in a flattering pose right next to one in an unflattering pose so you can see exactly how weird the bay actually is, and to help you remember how arbitrary it is that we decided only one of those poses is a flattering one. In either case the body is equally as disgusting and amazing if you really stop and think about it.
~A very SOAM-relevant post.
~Geena Davis solves Hollywood sexism for you.
~Mormon women pose nude FOR FEMINISM!

Lady Links, This is a Woman

Lady Links 7.26

How long does it take to recover from a week like last week? I mean. Really. I’m still too flighty and distracted to get anything done. So here are the links I have for you. I didn’t make you a doodle this week. I’m sorry. Or maybe you’re welcome. One of those.

~TIAW on Tumblr and Pinterest.
~Here’s a cool video from the PBS Idea Channel about BMO from Adventure Time and what she represents for feminism. Hint: Adventure Time is fairly awesome.
~You need to see this. And share it with everyone.
~This article has a perhaps misleading headline, but is overall very SOAM-ish about Kate’s after-pregnancy body. And Kate? I think I love her.
~”No, I do not have something better to do with my time than try to make the world a better place for girls and women.”