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Kitteh Pron

I’m not going to become one of those blogs that only blogs about kittehs. (Yes I am.) (Are there even blogs that become that? Or am I thinking of crazy cat ladies who don’t even have blogs?) But KITTEHS. And procrastination!

Thanks to @smileygrrl123 for taking this picture.
This is cuddly kinda.

Cats are aliens.

Long story very short, the kitten’s cold wasn’t just a cold. It was some shit shitass virus that makes kitty’s noses fall off and they they’ll have forever and ever (but not be symptomatic forever, thank Bast). So that was a large part of why last week was so sad for me. I was so angry that my perfectly healthy cat was infected forever with a virus from the new kitten. I wasn’t really angry at the shelter (they didn’t know – I assume). I was probably more angry with myself for having chosen a kitten from a place even though so many of the cats were obviously dealing with respiratory stuff.

And then, at midnight, all the cats started yelling at a moth on the ceiling.

Still, this kitten is a good kitten. She’s sweet and loving and fun but not too kitteny if you get my drift. And she and Leia are bffs already. Which is not only a miracle, but also really sweet and makes my heart grow three sizes every time they cuddle or play. Which might actually be a health concern for me. Enlarged heart and all. But they play together in the middle of the night and they yell at moths together in the middle of the night. And really it would be pretty cool if they’d sleep in the middle of the night, but you can’t have everything in life.

Covered in kitties = happiness.

Leia's just all "Oh I've wanted one all my life and this one is mine. Hug!"


Meet the Kitten

We’ve wanted to get a buddy for our cat, Leia, for awhile now. And what better way to make life easy after a stressful and busy couple of months than to get a kitten!? (Don’t mind me. I have no mind left.)

Um we're getting a kitten?

Right now the San Diego Animal Control shelters are having a $5 sale on cats. And I reminded the kids that we weren’t there just to get a $5 cat – I’d rather pay the full fee another time for the right cat for our family than just grab any old cat cause it’s cheap. But we went to just go look. JUST TO LOOK. And then we adopted a kitten. Cause that’s how I roll. Surprise cats.


My daughter named the kitten Khoshekh after the floating cat in the Night Vale podcasts (although our Khoshekh is a girl kitty) (and also she’s not floating). I was really quite nervous about how she’d do with Leia since she seemed to hiss at all the other cats in the shelter, but I was banking on the fact that kittens tend to be more flexible than adult cats in forming friendships.

Two kitties share a window.

So we brought her home a few days ago and kept them entirely separated for awhile, but then it seemed as though they might be ready to meet each other. I started with just a few minutes here and there but they handled it really pretty well, actually. Soon they were playing in the same room. Today they sat in the same window and ate out of the same bowl together. Consider me impressed.

They eat together, too.

Khoshekh has come down with a cold, though. It’s pretty common in shelter cats. She’s a complete mess right now, actually. Still recovering from her spay surgery last week, and now feeling low with a cold and suffering with a chapped nose that’s quite bloody actually. She’s on antibiotics now, though, as well as some lysine to help boost her immune system and some Neosporin for her nosey. So here’s hoping she’s back up to full speed soon. Because Leia is really looking forward to having a playmate. Maybe then she can stop battling the bathroom rug. (Probably not.)

"I killed it for you. YOU'RE WELCOME."