I don’t think I’ve gone this long without blogging in a long time. But here’s what’s going on:

~I am taking two classes at school – Spanish and creative writing.
~I am homeschooling my son during the day (this is going quite well these days) and I am staying on top of my daughter’s homework at night.
~I am pretty much never cleaning the bathrooms. So. Like. Don’t come over.
~I am taking Prozac daily and I think it’s starting to make a difference.
~I had like 100 doctor appointments recently including an ultrasound of my heart and the opportunity to wear a monitor for a week, and then another appointment where people touched my eyeballs. No sir, I did not like that.
~That same week my son had two teeth pulled. Turns out he is a happy drunk. He said things like, “I LOVE the dentist,” and when the hygienist told him he was doing wonderfully, he replied emphatically, “No YOU’RE DOING WONDERFUL.” This from my son who has such severe sensory issues that he cannot even tolerate a teeth cleaning. It was hilarious and, frankly, a major relief.
~The kitten (you know, the fourteen pound 19 month old cat we call a kitten?) is just a general mess right now. She’s limping for some reason that is probably (hopefully) just an injury, and she’s barfing for some reason that is probably (hopefully) just a stubborn hairball. But it’s so very stressful and she’s so very sad and I just miss when she used to feel well enough to annoy me by climbing on the table and eating our food and stuff. *sigh*
~One day they shut down the building my Spanish class is in because ebola, but it turned out to be a total lie from a student making excuses for absences. But that was, you know, a really fun day. Who makes excuses like ebola?? I mean, really??
~It’s never going to be colder than 80 degrees again and I just cannot.
~My daughter has a terrible head cold and I just know it’s coming for me. It’s like a horror movie where you know you’re the next to get murdered except way worse because you have to live through it.

I feel like I’m forgetting some stuff, but that’s the general idea anyway. And that’s why I’m not here. I have a lot of things I want to say and then at the end of the day I have zero energy to say them. It’s frustrating, but I guess it is what it is right now. And that is okay. Smiley emoticon.


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