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Sanity comes at a high price. And that price is paying extra for already-peeled eggs.

Blog post coming. Don't you dare comment on this until you've read my threat.

Ode to Hard Boiled Egg Peeling

Fuck you, eggs.
Fuck. You.

Sure, the Patriarchy is terrible, but can we talk about how awful the act of peeling eggs is? I’m writing this post to give us a place where we can gather together to rage and support each other through those emotional times when we are forced to peel eggs. It’s just the absolute worst.

This post is NOT a place to suggest “new” methods of peeling hard cooked eggs because, unless NASA has just released an entirely new method this week, I promise you I’ve tried every single idea ever and it’s still just the worst thing on the whole planet. If you find that you absolutely cannot avoid offering suggestions, I will be forced to put a curse on you and all your subsequent generations which will cause bunnies to explode whenever you come near them. This would be terrible. And embarrassing. When people would ask you why the fuck bunnies were always exploding when you were around you would be forced to say, “I offered unwanted advice about eggs” and you would become a social outcast. So don’t, okay? Save the bunnies.

But if you, like me, hate peeling eggs with the fire of seven thousand suns, feel free to leave a comment. Extra points for inventing new curse words I can save and use in case of road rage.