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Being a Mom, Conversations With Kids, The Son

The hilarious is strong with this child.

Somebody's weird kid.

The other day my 8yo son was playing with his Avengers Legos and I heard him say, “Hulk. What a beefy lego.” And that was just funny enough on its own, but then I kind of laughed and repeated it and he just kind of looked at me – you know how kids look at you when you’re being a really, really stupid adult? – and said, “YOU KNOW MOM, ‘beefy’ can mean ‘strong’ too okay?”

hike sorta

I just found this quote on my phone from about six months ago. I have no idea what the heck was happening, but this was his response: “I can’t even feel my lungs this is so good. I mean I can. I just wanted to make a good pun.”


A couple of weeks ago we met Bethany and her family for lunch and were going to go to the movies afterward. We took Annalie in the car with us from the restaurant to the theatre and Elliott held the door open for her to get in the car. I told him that was sweet and he replied, “Well, you have to be nice to the ladies.”


Riding home from our recent vacation listening to Night Vale in the car, the host, Cecil, made some comment that I don’t even remember but that Elliott enjoyed. He laughed heartily and then proclaimed, “This guy is funny! DIBS ON HIM!”

Someone's a comedian.

The day before that, while trying to entertain the kids all the kids cooped up in one hotel room, Summer’s sister Amber offered the kids a chance to look at her son’s human anatomy kit. My son, the never-nude, squinted his eyes at her and replied, “I… don’t think that’s really appropriate for kids.”